Company Name:  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe, Ltd.

Munich, DE, 80331

Job Description: 

Job Title: Buyer X2

Functional Area: Procurement

Reporting To: Procurement Manager

Contract Type: Full time, 2-year fixed term contract with possibility of extension based on performance

Office Location: Munich,Germany 


Purpose of the Job:

The main activity of MHI-EMEA’s Procurement group for Energy Systems is to support overall procurement activities of MHI Japan for aforesaid businesses and also to perform such procurement activities itself from EMEA suppliers as:

  • All procurement execution activities including delivery expediting (field & desk expediting, collecting shipping documents)
  • Coordination and negotiation between European suppliers and Japan team
  • Sourcing and corroboration (finding new potential suppliers, Leading on the VE activities)


Key Tasks:

  • Expediting all deliverables from suppliers
  • Negotiating with suppliers for price and terms not only for new order but also for claim
  • Sourcing new suppliers in the European market
  • Attending exhibition and trade fairs for finding new potential suppliers
  • Creating and maintaining good relationship with European suppliers and give/get feedbacks each other


Job Description:


Required skill


  • To find new supplier by using own resource (not given by others) and evaluate possibility of adoption by judging experiences of new supplier


  • To create our counter proposal against supplier’s comment to have desired result

To conduct negotiation with supplier based on self-created strategy


  • To detect even the small issue on the supplier’s progress report, correspondence between supplier and Japan team and/or any information sources.
  • To take appropriate actions quickly after finding the issues.

To take proactive action before the issue (delivery delay, finance etc.)  escalates by reviewing the supplier’s progress report, financial report etc.

Accounting literacy

By reading financial statement, to make assessment of supplier’s situation (safety, efficiency & profitability)

Market literacy


  • To have supplier’s competitor information and assess each supplier’s position in the market

To add candidate in the tender in addition to information from engineer


Education/ Qualification:

  • English and Maths GCSE Grade C or above, or equivalent 
  • College degree or higher           


  • Experience as a buyer or equivalent duty for more than 3 years
  • Strong Problem-solving mind and fairness
  • Experience and knowledge of international trading business
  • Knowledge of laws / regulations related to business
  • Law abidingness and compliance
  • Communication skill in cross-cultural environment
  • Language skills
  • IT / PC literacy (Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc)


Work Place: 


Munich London (Germany UK), Munich (Germany), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA, Ltd., Munich Branch, Sonnenstrasse32, 80331, Munich, Germany



  • 7 working hours per day
  • Monday to Friday
  • Visiting group companies’ offices in the UK and Europe if required